Valid for weekly sojourns (7 overnights arriving and departing only on saturdays and sundays).

Valid for 3 overnights from thursday to sunday.
-From 25.12.2014 to 10.01.2015 and from 15.02.2015 to 21.02.2015 the offer is not bookable.

Valid for 4 overnights from sunday to thursday.
-From 21.12 to 25.12.2014 bookable just 14 days before arriving.
-From 28.12.2014 to 10.01.2015 and from 15.02.2014 to 21.02.2015 the offer is not bookable.
Daily prices are available on request.

You can not assemble different Offers and those work just if requested and confirmed during your booking.
Plus, Offers work just for sojourns booked directly.